Letter from the Editor

Dear Chronicle Readers,

The CNM Chronicle is proud to announce that we are invested in the future of our publication and about to embark on a new adventure. We are officially going to become a fully digital publication and will no longer be in a bi-weekly printed format. We are hoping that this transition will allow us to provide our readers with more timely information about events and news around all CNM campuses.

This process will also allow us to invest more in the staff and workplace of The Chronicle. The elimination of having to pay for print will allow us more room in the budget to provide us with better training opportunities as well as upgrades to equipment and supplies that are used by Chronicle staff.

We want to invite all of our readers to please continue to follow us on our journey and experience the outcome with us. We thank all of you for your patience as we embark into the digital age of media and want to remind all of our readers that we have and always will accept public input and content no matter what format we are in. We encourage you all to keep reading and writing and are looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

Thank You All,

Daniel Johnson, Editor in Chief

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