ECOS President Returns

By Hilary Broman, Staff Reporter

Tisha Hudetz, president of the Executive Council of Students returns to the council after being on maternity leave for 8 weeks.

In her absence, vice president, Shaun Patterson served as interim president.

“Being back has been an honor. I am so proud of the incredible work that was done in my absence by a truly dedicated team,” she said.

Hudetz is thankful to the Executive Council of Students for their support during her leave, she said.

“If not for the consistency of the council deliberations and efforts as well as the continued support of the Office of the Dean of students, I would not have had the opportunity to truly share time with my new son and family,” she said.

Shaun Patterson has resumed his duty as the Council Vice President.

“As a full time working woman, a mother of 2 now, a wife, a student here, and a passionate advocate for women’s rights, I honestly don’t know where she finds the time and energy!” he said.

Shaun feels blessed and honored to be able to serve as Tisha Hudetz’s vice president, he said.

Hudetz is glad to be back and looking forward to the future of ECOS, she said.

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