Gotta Catch‘em All

By Whitney Browneller, Staff Reporter

CNM students were asked to share their own opinions about the new mobile game, Pokémon Go.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography student, Ashley Tucker-Wager said that she thinks that people are going crazy over Pokémon Go because they grew up with it.

She said that people either grew up playing Pokémon on their Gameboys or they grew up watching the show.

“It’s exciting to have something new to play of that world,” she said.

It helps people get out of the house, she said.

People are getting more exercise and visiting new areas, which means that they are also meeting new people by going to these areas that have Pokémon stuff, she said.

She said that these are just some of the many reasons she likes the game.

“It’s fun and interactive,” Tucker-Wager said.

Tucker-Wager said that it has helped her talk to new people by providing a common ground.

“I’ve talked to new people at the park that I probably would have never met or talked to because I don’t really talk to new people very well,” Tucker-Wager said.

She said that it gets you doing things you normally would not do if you were stuck at home on the couch.

If you do not have time to play it all the time just play when you can and it is still fun, she said.

Another Diagnostic Medical Sonography student, Claire Darling, says that she is totally indifferent to the whole game.

“I don’t even really get how to play it,” she said.

If students find it difficult to play because of data charges, the school’s Wi-Fi is avalible during the intersession so students can still play the game while using the school’s Wi-Fi to avoid data charges.

According to a Pokémon forum, there are quite a few Pokémon stops on the CNM Main campus with one being under the bridge on Coal, a few near the JS building, one in the courtyard near the L building, one down by the SSC building, one at the KC building.

The “poké” stops are areas that Pokémon players go to get experience, poké balls, and poké eggs.

For more information on how to play Pokémon visit the official Pokémon website at

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