Student Council Elections

By Hilary Broman, Staff Reporter

Elections for nine open positions in the Executive Council of students will be held on Friday September 30, said Tisha Hudetz ECOS president.

The open positions include: budget officer, administrative officer, satellite representatives for Montoya, South Valley and other campuses and 4 council members, Hudetz said.

Students interested in joining the council can fill out an application form at the dean of student’s office or the student activities office on main campus, Hudetz said.

The commitment for all ECOS members is a 2-year term, she said.

The council are looking for students who are able to represent the diverse nature of the CNM student body, Hudetz said.

The requirements to become a member of the council are as follows: the willingness to be an active student representing on at least one CNM standing committee; have some degree of leadership experience including leadership on the job, volunteer experience, or involvement with other student activities; the willingness to be introduced to the student body in the form of an article written in the CNM Chronicle and the ability to maintain a 2.5 GPA minimum, Hudetz explained.

“As representatives of the student body, we are held to a high standard. Active participation and serious consideration are key,” Hudetz said.

A committee made up of one student from the current council, one student who is a member of another CNM student organization, one faculty member and the Dean of Students, Hudetz stated, will choose new council members.

Current council member Tim Turner is in the running for the budget officer position, Hudetz said.

“I am looking forward to what the future will bring,” she said.

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