Motown Panel Discussion Photos

Photos courtesy of Amira Moore Photography

Cutlines by Hilary Broman

MT 4
The Motown the Musical panel included Elijah Ahmad Lewis who plays the character of Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson, and is part of the Motown ensemble (left), and Rod Harrelson who plays the Dance Captain in Swing (right).
MT 1
Fifty six students and 36 faculty, staff and community members attended the event, said Ari Rosner-Salazar, event committee member. According to reviews of the event the student body expressed that they were extremely pleased with the event. Some of the surveys related feelings of excitement with comments such as, “Best event at CNM ever!”
MT 2
Elijah Ahmad Lewis participating in the panel discussion. Follow him on Twitter @eal360.
MT 3
Rod Harrelson speaking to the audience.
MT 5
The band from the CNM IT department, Team ITS, plays some Motown hits.

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