International Women’s Day Panel Discussion

March 14, 2017.  By Hilary Broman

Senior Staff Reporter

Photos courtesy of Ari Rosner-Salazar

CNM held a panel discussion in honor of International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8th at Main campus.

The event was sponsored by the CNM chapter of the American Association of Women in the Community College (AAWCC), said Paula Smith-Hawkins, Associate dean for CHSS and president of the AAWCC CNM chapter.

The event started with a presentation by Dr. Rinita Mazumdar, a philosophy instructor, about globalization and trans national issues for women, said Hawkins.

Following the presentation there was a panel discussion with Sherifah, a UNM student and global education office employee; Linda Melville, senior operations manager of the global education office at UNM; and Huong Nyguen, who represents the Asian Family Community Center in Albuquerque, said Hawkins.

The International Women’s Day panel answers questions about women’s issues all around the world.
The audience watches as the panel discusses women and globalization.

Kathy Hoppe, a Disability Resource Center employee, was the panel discussion moderator, Hawkins said.

“The panel talked about Islamic women, Asian women, Indian women and issues like the veil and driving,” Hawkins said, “The kinds of issues that we have about women and globalization.”

After the panel discussion, there was a networking event hosted by the American Association of Women in the Community College, Hawkins said.

The networking event was led by Achievement Coach, Sharon Ipes, she said.

“A networking event is very good because it helps connect, especially in this case, women and men across the college who are interested in women’s justice,” Hawkins said.

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