CNM Student and Artist Weaves Wire Jewelry Into Fine Art

By Wade Faast, CNM Chronicle

Local jewelry designer and CNM student Jack Boglioli is working to take the craft of metal wire weave jewelry into the realm of fine art.

Wire weave jewelry has gotten a bad reputation for being sloppy or lacking in skill, Boglioli said.

Boglioli aims to change that by bringing an attention to detail and refined skill that hasn’t been seen in the creation of wire weave, he said.

All Boglioli’s pieces are hand crafted from precious metals and stones, small pieces taking as little as an hour and a half, to more complex designs taking upwards of 200 hours after the initial sketches and designs.

“Images get stuck in my head and I need to get them out” Boglioli said.

Each piece of jewelry starts as a concept in his own mind, he then sketches out the design on paper and uses that to keep his focus on maintaining the high level of detail his is known for.

Boglioli says his biggest inspiration comes from European Gothic architecture.

Boglioli’s pieces start out as a image in his head, followed by a detailed sketch which he uses as a blueprint and after hours of work the result is a unique piece of hand crafted art. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)

The design and crafting of his jewelry is an ever evolving art that he feels keeps challenging him and encouraging him to grow, he said.

“Growth comes from pushing against resistance” he said.

According to Boglioli some of his best works and advances in skill have after challenging himself to try something harder or do something that hasn’t been done before in the art of wire weave jewelry.

Nine years ago Boglioli stumbled onto the wire weave jewelry at an art show and he was hooked on the idea that he could do it, he said.

When he first started out his jewelry was closer to traditional wire weave jewelry and it didn’t suit his needs or artistic style, Boglioli said.

His early works were organic and free flowing with little planning and no sketches or designs thought out ahead of time, he said.

Soon he found himself frustrated and not satisfied with his own work, so he started to incorporate elements of classic art and design into his jewelry and began planning each piece out.

Now each of his pieces starts out as an idea in his head, is sketched out in detail at 1:1 size then he follows that sketch like a blue print, he said.

These extra steps allowed him to take his work to the level of art he appreciates, the meticulous attention to detail that has set his work above others, he said.

Boglioli credits classes at CNM for helping him refine his art.

Specifically math 1340 geometry for design, the class taught him how to better use geometric elements in his craft, he said.

“Understanding how to run a business, and how not to go broke doing so is just as important as the jewelry” Boglioli said.
After finishing up the classes for his associates of fine arts at CNM Boglioli is now taking classes to grow the business side of his work.

Currently Boglioli’s work can be found in several galleries in Old Town Albuquerque and on his website at

Wire wrap jewelry takes patience and a steady hand. Not including design time, complex pieces can require upwards of 200 hours of labor. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)

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