FUSE Makerspace

Story and photos by Nasia Jones

Staff Reporter

The FUSE Makerspace is now open to CNM students looking to step foot into becoming entrepreneurs for the discounted price of $50 a month said, Operations tech, Juan Delgado.

This Makerspace is specifically designed so you can come start up your own business and be provided with resources you may be lacking, said Delgado.

It’s providing equipment to people that really don’t have access to it without having to take a full 16-week course to be able to utilize it, he said.

You can use the equipment here, create some income in-order to get out there, and buy your own equipment to continue running your business, said Delgado

We have different types of equipment such as woodworking equipment, metalworking equipment, screen printing, and 3D printing, he said.

There’s a big difference between CNM equipment and our equipment, CNM equipment can be utilized for educational purposes only, he said.

You can come and utilize our space, take some classes, get certified in the equipment, and then use our equipment for your purposes during any of our business hours, Delgado said.   

One thing we are trying to expand on becoming is a Fabrication laboratory, you can become a fab lab by having certain pieces of equipment in order to be considered and we are in the process of getting these pieces of equipment, he said.  

We offer discounts to CNM students, general memberships start at $70 a month, but with a current school schedule present it is $50 a month, he said.

We also have a Business membership that allows 24-hour access of the building, he said.

We have been around for about 2 1/2 years previously located on Main campus in the TC building, Delgado said.

We currently have a 16-week jewelry making CNM course that is held here at the makerspace, he said.

Anybody can come utilize this space, we are more than happy to give a tour to anyone that walks in, said Delgado.




Webb 3 HP Manual Mill located at the FUSE Makerspace.


Radial Arm saw available for students to use at the FUSE Makerspace.

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