CNM on Parade

By Staci Bostic-Baros

Feature photo provided by Rodger Renteria, Social Media Manager

QCNM is currently planning an entry for the 2019 ABQ Pride Parade in June and they want to encourage participation, open to everyone at CNM from students, clubs, orgs, or any other department on campus, said CNM Social Media Manager Rodger Renteria.

After observing that CNM was not represented while attending the Twinkle Light parade one year, our media marketing department decided to get something out there that says CNM is here, we are part of the community and we have a lot to offer, Renteria shared.

After finding the right opportunity and enough student involvement, the ABQ Pride Parade was our first parade in June which was followed by participating in the Twinkle Light Parade in December 2018, he said.

“One way I tell the story of CNM through social media is by helping CNM faces get out to community events such as parades, so when coordinating our Twinkle Light Parade entry, we sent out an invite to all staff faculty and students.” he said.

Volunteers of CNM staff, faculty and students walked the Central Avenue route alongside a CNM vehicle covered in colorful lights and topped with large speakers, while passing out candy, he said.

CNM clubs represented were ECOS (Executive Council of Students), PTK (Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society), and the Student Nurses Association (SNA) had a great volunteer walk the entire route in a leg cast, he shared.

“It was a really great sight to see, everyone giving out candy, smiling cheering and waving,” Renteria shared, “the reception to our float was happy, with folks always cheering, saying things like, ‘Go CNM!’, ‘Hey there’s my school!’ and ‘Hey! I used to go there when it was named TVI.’ even the announcers said ‘We love CNM!’ as we drove down the parade route,” he said.

“We hope to have even more participation in the Twinkle light parade this year, and we hope ideas are in motion for students and groups to take on more roles, because we aren’t able to rely on having the exact same people each year”, he said.

“The last two parades really made me appreciate the amount dedication, hard work, and fun that everyone puts in together,” said Renteria, “our positivity, diversity and helpful, supportive environment are of the biggest things that make us unique, something I genuinely appreciate about everyone here at CNM,” shared Roger Renteria.

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