CNM in the Pride Parade – Photos and Highlights

Photos by Jerry Green, staff reporter

Story by Audrey Callaway Scherer, staff reporter

The CNM van cruised along with the parade while playing some classic tunes.

Participating in the Pride Parade was one of the ways that QCNM and the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee wanted to raise visibility and create more equity in the CNM and Albuquerque communities, said Brian Rasmussen, an organizer for both CNM groups.

The goal for this year’s participation in the parade was to be bigger and more colorful, he said. In addition to most of the things they had last year, like the CNM vehicle, the giant rainbow flag and the banner, this year would also include a second banner, beach balls, a lot of flags and fans to hand out to spectators.

“Just to get our name out there so that people would see that CNM is an inclusive place,” he said. “And that there are people in the institution who are actively working to change policies to create a safer and more welcome environment.”

As the CNM group marched in the parade, one of the most gratifying aspects was hearing the love shown by many in the crowd as they would shout, “We love CNM!” and “Thank you CNM, you gave me my education!” said Erica Barreiro Volkers, another organizer for the two groups.

“It is so wonderful to have such a personal opportunity to know how we have touched the lives of so many in our community,” she said.

2018 was CNM’s first year in the parade and it was wholly organized by the two groups, but after its success, the events office offered to take it on as an official CNM event, starting in 2019. This allows the committee and QCNM to focus on their other projects, said Rasmussen.

“We were putting it out to the entire CNM community, just saying come on out,” he said. “Just show up and show the community how awesome CNM is.”

Barreiro Volkers said that CNM’s president, Kathryn Winograd, marched with them, as well. “I am so proud that we are now part of the Pride Parade,” said Barreiro Volkers. “I think it is an important way in which we are able to show our CNM and ABQ community that we value and celebrate our LGBTQ+ community members.”

A flag with “We the people means everyone” blows in the wind during the parade.
One of the many colorful flags flown in the parade expressing the passion of pride
The Encantada marching band played a variety of tunes to jazz up the parade
The band played on while having walked more than two miles down Central Avenue.
The band decided to stop marching and play for more than two minutes in front of protestors.
Officer Matt Chavez of the Albuquerque Police Department voiced his opinion on preventing the anti-LGBTQ+ protestors from disrupting the parade.
“I think it’s extremely unfortunate and quite sad that people would protest an event based off of peace and love,” stated Officer Chavez. “But there are always some people that will try and mess that up for everybody, no matter what. I’m just happy that I’m here to ensure that everyone has a good time and that no one goes home hurt.”
Rainbows everywhere, participants used their wardrobes to show their pride.
The audience dubbed him the “Rainbow Butterfly” after witnessing his multi-colored wings.
A lone roller skater greeted the crowd while staying hydrated on the two-mile parade route.
Even our furry four-legged friends were in the parade, happily strolling along.
This vibrant work of art graced the crowd’s eyes while the parade carried along.
Even in space they can rock the rainbow.
Boba Fett even decided to show up to the parade!

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