Finishing Up

Photo and story

By Mark Graven

Staff Reporter

Martha “Marty” Kirsch dropping off some books.

Martha “Marty” Kirsch, who graduated this past spring from CNM,  had one last task in wrapping up her her course of studies in Culinary Arts. Kirsch used the Book Return located on the west side of the Student Resource Center, on the Main Campus, to get the job done. 
Now Kirsch is looking to open a restaurant business of her own, which she will eventually pass on to her granddaughters.  She says she may first seek help from The Street Food Institute, located at the Student Services Center, to procure a food truck, to get started.  
A rodeo rider, while at Del Norte High School in Albuquerque, from which she graduated in 1980, she is also a  U.S. Coast Guard veteran, used to taking on tough tasks. 
Finishing up Culinary Arts at home, on line, for the last five weeks, was “difficult,” she said, but she and her classmates got the job done with the help and cooperation of their chef instructors. And they have beautiful pictures of their food preparations, on the home front, to prove it, she said.

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