Duck Pond Down

Photos and Story by Mark Graven

 Staff Reporter

The “iconic” University of New Mexico Duck Pond is down, but not out.  It it just having its every-other-year cleaning, according to Steve Howe, the public relations representative for the university’s Facilities Management.
The ducks seem understanding, as they observe their domain being drained, from the shade of the pond’s grassy banks.  

The 10-day cleaning project should be completed by July 17th, Howe said.  Fish have been removed from the pond by Aquatic Consultants, of Albuquerque, and will be restored to the cleaned water after they have been checked and inventoried, according to Howe.   

The pond is accessible to CNM students, via a three/quarter mile, or so, walk, along the Yale Boulevard corridor.  The pond experience is free;  the ducks won’t bill you.

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