Contractors Committed to Safety Protocols

By Angelique Cox Staff Reporter

In alignment with the State of New Mexico’s COVID-19 guidelines, all contractors are required to submit their plans for protecting against the spread of the COVID-19 prior to beginning work at a CNM location, said Brad Moore, Director of Communications and Media Relations.

Due to social distancing guidelines, all contractors have submitted plans to ensure that employees wear face coverings, while working at a CNM location, said Moore.

The college has reviewed the safety plans submitted by all contractors at CNM, said Moore.

If it becomes known that agreed upon COVID 19 protocols are not followed by on-site contractor employees, CNM will address the situation with the contractor, said Moore.

Contractors have been reminded of their commitment to COVID 19 safety protocols while working at CNM, said Moore.

Contractor practices will continue to be monitored by the College and communicate the importance of complying with state directives and CNM safety protocols, said Moore.

“The health and safety of everybody at a CNM location is of utmost importance to the College,” said Moore.

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