Students on Campus Speak Out

Story, Photos, and Audio by

Olawale Oluwakoya

Staff Reporter

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The following information was provided by a group of students within the Paramedics program at CNM and due to the nature of the information they provided they have requested to maintain some form of anonymity. The CNM Chronicle has removed the names of the students.

The students are not allowed to use on-campus appliances

The Covid 19 virus has affected the whole Paramedic program here at CNM.  Students have already had to re-imagine a lot of scenarios. The transition to online only makes it worse, said one CNM paramedic student. 

Our lectures are pretty much independent studies. There is a lot of prescribed YouTube videos providing a lot of information but also creating a lot of question marks, with no physical instructors to provide answers, meaning we have to email our teachers a lot, said another student.

“We are not doing better without the other students around, we like that it is quiet, but we do not like being in college with no one on campus, we miss talking to people,  we like working with other people, 100% we miss the students”, said the group.

The one good thing is that the parking lot is usually empty, although even though the campus is basically empty students still have to pay for parking, at least there is not a fight for parking spots, said another student. 

Directions for EMS students.

General parking should be free. It is only five dollars, but in the student’s opinion it is a tactic by the school to make extra income, said the group.

Students try to follow the covid-19 guidelines but sometimes they forget to wear their masks. It is hard to be perfect, said another student.

The students share a belief that they will not contract covid-19 on campus, if they were to get it anywhere it would be off-campus, said the paramedic students.

One of the most frustrating things they have to deal with is when they are on campus for nine hours but they are not allowed to bring food, and technically not allowed to bring drinks either, said the group.  

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