ECOS To Explore Ways to Cooperate With UNM

Story by

Mark Graven

Staff Writer

CNM’S Executive Council of Students decided, at its meeting on November 6th, to initiate an exploration of ways in which CNM might cooperate with its sister school, UNM, for the benefit of the CNM student body.  
Colin Stapleton, ECOS outreach officer, volunteered to take the lead in researching areas of possible cooperation.  Staplton suggested that club activities at CNM could be enhanced through more joint participation with UNM.   
One of the main responsibilities of ECOs is to determine funding levels for the clubs and organization that meet on CNM’s campuses.
Imane Bajhi, board vice-president said that  ECOS, might be able to learn something from the student body government at UNM about how to communicate with students in Covid times, when many students are experiencing isolation.
Bahji has taken the lead for Ecos in drafting a letter to the CNM administration regarding improving remote learning.  CNM is expected to keep most courses online for Spring term, although some course will continue to meet in person under restrictions, according to college officials.  
Language for the draft letter indicated that ECOS would likely ask the CNM administration to encourage professors with classes that traditionally have had a lecture component, to provide that component in the remote learning setting as well. 
Lectures facilitate exchanges between professors and students that can help clarify problems and ideas, Bahji contends.
ECOS members discussed the worthwhileness of discussion board exchanges between students.  Bahji said discussion board exchanges, can amount to “busy work,” and can cost students time better spent on “mastering substance.”
The board is expected to take up the letter again, it its meeting of November 13th.

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