CNM International Students Get Winter Packages

Story and photos by 

Olawale Oluwakoya

Staff Reporter               

CNM international students pay a $75 fee every semester, which would normally have been used to pay for outings to places such as museums, the Tram, the Zoo, and other places, said Mr. Ari Rosner-Salazar.

international student advisor Diana Matier handing out gift packages at Main campus

Because of the pandemic, the students are not able to do these trips, and this is why the care packages were created, Said Mr. Ari Rosner Salazar. 

The winter package to international students is one way of reminding them that staff is always available to the students for anything they may need, said international student officer Diana Matier.

After talking to our Safety team, they have told us that packages can not be dropped of directly to the residents of the students, she said.

For that reason,  she  will be at different campuses during the week for students to pick up the winter package, she said.

Her email address is and she looks forward to hearing from all the international students, said Mr. Ari Rosner Salazar.

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