Living Small to Live Large

Story and Photos

By Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

The tiny home movement is alive and thriving according to Mr. Elliott Espinosa.

Mr. Espinosa is an Albuquerque native and lifelong resident of the South Valley. He makes his living by locating, refurbishing, and reselling recreational vehicles (RV’s), travel trailers, and boats, he said.

“People of all ages are looking to downsize right now. Lots of people are trying to lower their expenses,” said Mr. Espinosa.

Small homes are easier on the environment and less expensive, he said

“Why go into huge amounts of debt when you can have all the necessary amenities and still have the ability to move and take it all with you?” said Espinosa.

According to Espinosa, working remotely is a trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon and this type of flexible living fits in well with that trend.

He said, “I find life to be more rewarding when the stressful components, like expenses, are simplified. Living small is a great way to leave time and finances available for the things we enjoy most in life.”

Mr. Espinosa suggests that people look into the many options available before committing to the high cost and singular location that comes with a home mortgage.

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