Where’s Owlivia?

Story and Photos by

Mark Graven

Staff Writer

The tree’s an CNM’s Westside Campus where the famous horned owl couple live.

“Owlivia,” the female half of the now famous horned owl couple in residence at CNM’S westside campus peeks over the second level ledge, on the Southside of the main entrance to the Michael J. Glennon Building.  Her mate, “Whodini,” was nowhere to be seen on Tuesday, March  7th.   Campus personnel said that Whodini often disappears into the trees, by the entrance, when Owlivia, takes the south ledge perch.  
The owls have been recently spotted together on a ledge on the Northside of the MJG entrance, where “Owlivia” had laid two eggs.  Unfortunately, the eggs rolled off the ledge, and did not survive the fall, campus personnel said.  

Photo of an Owl peaking out over the second ledge on the South Side of the entrance at CNM’s Westside Campus.

This marks the second year in a row in which Owlivia has lost her eggs.  The owls achieved notoriety, when a young owlet fell out of his nest in a tree, near the entrance, in 2018, and had to be rescued by local wildlife workers.
Campus administration and security officers now keep tabs on the comings, goings and doings of the owls, which security officers have named.  The Chronicle spoke with Larrison Nelson,, an administrative technician with the Scholl of Adults and General Education and Roger Trujillo, a CNM security officer, outside WSII on Tuesday. 
Nelson and Trujillo said that during the summer months, the owls like to hang out in the pine trees to the north of Westside II building, but prefer to be around the MJG entrance when it is colder.
When the campus is busy, security has signs to set out to indicate the presence of the nesting owls.

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