Bookstore Branching Out

Story by Salvador Zambrano

Staff reporter

Area Director at the CNM Bookstore Ann Heaton said the bookstore is currently working with their buying team on adding new merchandise to the store, like UNM, NMSU, and New Mexico United. She also added, the CNM Bookstore which is located in the newly finished CNM Marketplace building would like people to know that they want to be a part of the community and not just seen as CNM’s Bookstore.

 The new bookstore will still offer the same services that they have always offered as well as new food services offered at the marketplace, she said.

A Grab-N-Go option will be available to the community and as more people return to the campus area more options will become available, she said.

Heaton added, “we are also planning on opening a Starbucks as proudly serving for the fall and then opening it as a fully licensed Starbucks in spring 2022.”

There were mixed emotions regarding the new move, but her team has adjusted well and are excited to be in the new building, she said.

“It has been exciting being in this new location with so much natural lighting occurring all around us. We love the feel of not just looking like a ‘college bookstore’ but having more of an appearance of a regular retailer.” She said.

Covid-19 preparations have been made to ensure the safety of students and employees as they begin to return to campus within the next month, said Heaton.

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