Equity Council SharePoint Site

Story by Salvador Zambrano

Staff Reporter

The Equity Council, a group comprised of CNM staff and employees, has designed a SharePoint Site that will provide monthly updates to the CNM community, said Travis Thompson, a member of the Equity Council.

Each month the site will provide information on different topics of racism as well as definitions and writing from their members regarding racial problems. Other informational resources will be available through the site like videos and pieces of artistic expression to promote a greater awareness, he said.

“The goal of our site is to create a greater understanding around racial equity, diversity, inclusion, race, ethnicity, white privilege culture, as well as to build a culture of anti-racism within and around our communities,” he said.

The Council is currently seeking approval on different ways to spread their information, said Sonia Crawford, a member of the Equity Council. They intend to spread their information to the entire CNM community.

The site is currently available and can be viewed by the CNM community but has not yet been announced by the Equity Council.

The site was designed to be easy to access important information as to encourage people to come back to the site to gain future information on different topics, said Thompson.

“We want to give credit to the entire Equity Council for their effort in making this site possible”, said both Thompson and Crawford.

The Equity Council site can be found by searching for them through the MyCNM website or by clicking here. The site gives more information on their goals as well as who is a part of the Council.

All information provided on their site is also available in Spanish for any Spanish speaking readers who are interested in learning more about the Equity Council.

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