CNM Library Series: Anatomy Models

By Senior Staff Reporter

Devonny Grajeda

Event Coordinator for CNM Libraries, Tiffany Tomchak wants all students to know that they are allowed to check out a variety of anatomical models from the library as needed for free.

For science classes the library has anatomical models, skeletal models, muscle models and different models that display organs and parts of the body, she said.

If people wanted to check out these models, they can go to the help desk inside the library, she said.

There are boxes at main campus that just have bones in them said Ms. Tomchak. People can examine the bones individually and, on a skeleton, to see it as a whole she said.

The limitations for these models are the same as the computers, she said. A 3-hour period of being able to use them or checking them in 15 minutes before the library closes, she said.

“So, for example the Main Campus library closed at 7:00pm so if you came in to check it out at 5:00pm you wouldn’t have utilized the full 3-hour period. You would have had to turn it in 15 minutes before the library closed,” she said.

Although most people only check them out for half an hour, she added.

This is yet another of the many resources the CNM library offers to CNM students. Continue to stay tuned to see what other resources that the CNM library offers that could help you during your time at CNM!

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