Daylight Savings Time Change


Robert Slevin/Staff Reporter

Daylight Savings is fast approaching. March 12th marks the day when clocks will spring an hour forward yet again for New Mexicans.

“This loss of an hour of daylight in the morning, yet a gain in the evening messes with people’s biological clocks and sleep schedules, especially our grade school aged youth.” According to an article written by Dan McKay with the Albuquerque Journal in 2019.

On the other hand, there are some who say they benefit and enjoy the time change in Spring. Matthew Roach a CNM student said, “I like it in the spring when it’s still light out when I get home from work after 6pm. I can still do stuff.”

Losing an hour of sleep to gain an extra hour of sunshine has been quite a debate and has been for years.

One thing that you can do to keep Daylight Savings or do away with it all together is to vote. New Mexico is currently asking voters if, in getting rid of the twice-a-year clock change, they would prefer switching to permanent standard time or permanent daylight savings time.

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