A little cooler for the Fall Semester

Robert Slevin
Senior Reporter

Temperatures soured into the low 100’s for weeks straight at the end of the summer semester
here at CNM and students are happy that’s over.

Gabriel Herrera, a nursing student at CNM, says “in July he felt as though every day was a 100+
degrees outside.”

“Everywhere I went it was hot, even at home, it just felt like the AC wasn’t working even though
it was on just about 24/7”, he stated.

Herrera was asked what he did to try and beat the heat, and he responded by saying, “he would
jump in the pool when possible and just try to sit in front of a fan or an A/C vent.” “He also
mentioned going to CNM main campus to do homework and study as their A/C worked quite

With the heat down and Fall classes two weeks in, Gabriel says “he fells confident and cooler!”

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