Robert Slevin

Senior Reporter

The Executive Council of Students (ECOS) is a form of student body government at CNM and they meet every Monday at 5:00 pm, via Microsoft Teams to discuss issues and interests students may have while also trying to offer possible solutions.

In addition, ECOS determines what amount of allocation funds all other student groups, clubs, and committees receive while also offering other monetary stipends and fundraising ideas for clubs with extra needs.

            “ECOS hopes to change the environment so that students come to us as a body with their questions and issues,” said ECOS Outreach Officer, Angela Lechuga.

ECOS plans on making this change by fully participating and trying to be more visible to students on CNM campuses.

As the group continues to grow and the student body becomes more aware of who they are the council plans to make changes by welcoming people with different mindsets and from different backgrounds, Lechuga said.

Students can present issues or interests to ECOS by filling out a request form from the ECOS website. Those requests will then be looked over and the ECOS executive committee will then decide on what makes the agenda, Lechuga said.

Meetings are open to all students and if the student body would like to request membership, they must attend 3 consecutive meetings, submit an application, and acquire a letter of recommendation from a CNM faculty member, Lechuga.

If students would like to attend a meeting they can use this Microsoft Teams link:

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