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Security’s use of force questioned by students

By Daniel Montaño, Senior Reporter Link to Video of the incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aGBev8VshI Security’s detention tactics have been called into question by students who witnessed three security officers apprehend and detain a skateboarder for riding in a dismount zone, said Immanuel Colbert, liberal arts major who witnessed the incident. The skateboarder, […]

Everybody, just cool your jets

Editorial, By The Chronicle Editorial Board After finding out about the incident that occurred on the morning of Wednesday Sept, 11 when a student rode by security on a skateboard and was tackled and detained until APD arrived on the scene, one has to wonder what constitutes excessive force […]

Piano Man

Stacie Armijo, Staff Reporter | Photo by Stacie Armijo At the Westside campus there is a new Piano class being taught by Dr. Vincent S. Schenck that gives students the opportunity to learn piano on the 20 Yamaha pianos provided in the classroom, said Schenck. The thing that makes […]