Women’s Trade Summit

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Devonny Grajeda

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Official poster for the Women’s Trade Summit.

The women’s trade summit is an event that will help women look for a job and networking opportunities within the areas of HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, diesel mechanics, insulators, laborers, electricians, and more said Amy Ballard, Dean for the school of Applied Technologies.

The event will take place Friday, March 18th from 9am-3pm at the CNM main campus inside Smith Brasher hall.

This event can help women find mentorships as well as allow them an opportunity to ask questions directly to women who are working in trade fields right now, she said. 

There will be speakers such as presidents and representatives of companies, there will also be a panel consisting of women who work in different trades and they will be speaking on issues they have had to deal with inside their individual fields, she added.

This event is important for many reasons, the first reason being the ability to learn about the types of compensation, what kind of job availability there is, and what kind of opportunities can come from a career in trades for women, she said.

Then there is a need to let women know that there is incredible demand out for these positions out there right now she added.

Lastly, these jobs create great pathways to even better jobs, she said.

“For example, even if you start as a carpenter or plumber it’s not a far step to creating your own business or becoming a manager. Women may not realize that these jobs can be a launchpad to bigger and better things, there is a lot of money to be made these days, ” she said.

Companies are in need of highly skilled trade people she said. So much so that right now some companies have billboards advertising that they will offer up to a $10,000 sign on bonus for skilled HVAC employees. 

Getting involved in trades is not something that can be started tomorrow she said.

Education and training are required, but it will not be too long before a women can receive a high paying job she added.

“We would also like to see a stronger presence of women inside trades considering it is a male dominated field, the transition for women is happening in politics, medicine, science so there is no reason why trade fields can’t be the next frontier for women to become pivotal and pioneering“ she said.

Women can really empower themselves by hearing the stories of other women who also felt scared to take the leap into a male dominated field, but who are now successful and own their own businesses and love the trades, she said. 

“We hope the event will become a spring board for these speakers and mentors to help start something much greater for women in trades,” she said. 

The event will have vender booths from different companies such as Sandia Labs, Meta(FaceBook), and APD for those looking for jobs, she said.

If interested in attending this event you may sign up using the link provided below.


Jobs for All

Jobs for All

Story by Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

CNM offers current students and all CNM graduates assistance with job placement, said Stacey Cooley Associate Director of Career Services at CNM.

A recent job fair held by CNM Career Services hosted a multitude of employers and had food and beverage trucks on site for the event.

According to Cooley, the CNM Jobs Database Hire a Suncat has seen an increase in the number of businesses that are interested in posting jobs.

“There is a high demand; we allow employers to post jobs for free and then we do outreach to students via Hire a Suncat,” said Cooley.

Because all students have an account at Hire a Suncat, they are notified when a new job posting that relates to their certificate or degree becomes available, Cooley said.

“We can help with resumes, cover letters, practice interviews, and job search through the databases,” said Cooley.

Cooley said these services are available to current students as well as all previous CNM graduates.

“There are a lot of CNM graduates out there, so that includes a whole lot of people,” said Cooley.

CNM graduates receive CNM career office services for life, stated Cooley.

“The whole thing, all the workshops, one-on-one assistance, whether virtual or in person, the whole thing, for life,” Cooley said.

Virtual and in-person career coaching is available through CNM Career Services Monday through Friday 10am – 3pm.