Bikes for success

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Bicycles abandoned on campus are being donated to stu­dents in need to help them stay in school, said CNM Security Lieutenant Marquessa Hawkins.

The security department and CNM Connect have teamed up to help students with trans­portation, said Hawkins, who is in charge of the program.

“There are students who are really indigent; they really need the help,” said Hawkins.

Director of Security Ernie Chavez and Vice President of Student Services Philip Bustos created the pro­gram nearly a year ago. The program has helped five stu­dents so far, said Hawkins.


The program can help stu­dents get around and help them to finish school, said Bustos.

“Ernie Chavez deserves all the credit. I just got to sign off on it,” said Bustos.

Students can be referred for a bike by a member of security or CNM Connect Achievement Coach Chioma Heim, said Heim via email. The student is then interviewed and has to provide proof of insufficient transporta­tion, said Heim.

“And that acquiring the bike will help them get to school and remain in school,” said Heim.

Bicycles donated to stu­dents are found on CNM prop­erty and held at lost and found for a minimum of 90 days, said Hawkins. Security does not fix these bicycles for the student, said Hawkins.

Upon approval, Hawkins said she takes the student to pick out a bike. Students can receive a bicycle this way once, she said.

The number of available bicycles varies depending on how many bicycles are aban­doned on campus, said Hawkins.

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