Art Club to Present Chalk Show at Mall

By: Stefany Olivas & Amy Foster | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

The Art Club is planning a sidewalk chalk art project to take place outside of Coronado Mall, and members are inviting other CNM artists to participate, said Art major Steve Stauffer.

There will be eight days of drawing beginning Oct. 6. Students who are interested can contact Art major and Art Club President Alexander Casper at

“We’ll have artists who we love participating. We’re emerging and we’ve got some really talented people over here. Our community is yours,” said Casper.

The Coronado Mall is a suitable venue to draw large pieces, reach out to the community and have a large number of artists come together, said Casper.

“Coronado will have a part in this as much as us, and we are looking into several possible sponsors,” said Stauffer.

A total of 20 artists will be working on two pieces drawn in chalk that will take eight days to finish, said Stauffer. Artists must present proposals by September 21 to draw at the event, said Stauffer.

“There are all these different tools but when it comes down to it, it’s finger painting on the side­walk with chalk in a dry form,” said Stauffer.

The inspiration for the event began with full-time instructor Lynn Johnson and club members in the Drawing II class, when they participated in a sidewalk chalk art show outside the Main campus cafeteria last year, said Stauffer.

The members and other participants drew 5’x 9’ themed paintings in chalk, each an origi­nal piece inspired by famous art­work, said Stauffer.

“It was one of the best times I’ve ever had here. The turnout was insane,” said Casper.

It takes several days to complete the art because dif­ferent layers are carefully applied, said Stauffer.

After the first couple of days it is painful on the fingers and joints but the artists keep going, said Stauffer.

The base of the art piece is children’s chalk art, and the top layers are a special type of chalk that is lighter and smoother, said Stauffer.

“Alex did a really phe­nomenal piece. The woman who I worked with took first place. There was a very narrow margin,” said Stauffer.


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