Security Launches Pilot Bicycle Registration Program

By: Christopher Pope, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

The Security office now allows students to register their bikes to improve the chances of recovery if it is stolen, said CNM Security Lieutenant Bernard Rogers.

The program is cur­rently only available on Main campus, but will be available on other campuses as the pro­gram is refined, said Rogers

“I really think the pro­gram will be well received by students,” said Rogers

Students interested in registering a bicycle can log onto the CNM website and print out a form which can be submitted to the Security office, said Rogers.

The students will then receive a registration sticker to apply to their bikes as well as information about how to best secure a bike.

“I think it will make a bike safer because if students follow our suggestions as to what type of lock to use, it will definitely cut down on the chance of the bike being stolen,” said Rogers.

Two years ago CNM had a big problem with bike theft, said Rogers.

Three to four bikes were taken daily by a single thief, said Rogers.

“This person, when finally apprehended, was found with a small pair of bolt cutters in his bag,” said Rogers.

In the past when bikes were found and determined to be stolen, there was no way to return them to their owners. Many of the bikes were even­tually sold at auction, donated or destroyed, said Rogers.

The new registration program will give security officers the means to return recovered bicycles to the rightful owners, said Rogers.

“It will not be a mandatory thing like registering your car, but we hope students will take advantage of this bike registration so if their bike is stolen they can get it back,” said Rogers.

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