Event Planning Class and Project Heart Start Aims to Save Lives with Hands-Only CPR Training

By: Adriana Avilla, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

A week-long event will be hosted by the Event Planning Class and the non-profit organization Project Heart Start to raise aware­ness about the importance of hands-only CPR, said Part-time BIT instructor Laura Hines.

The event runs from Nov. 5 to Nov. 9 and will take place on a different campus each day, finishing on Friday on Main Campus with the dedication of the newly renovated Jeanette Stromberg Hall, said Hines.

Throughout the week, the Event Planning students will visit classrooms on all of CNM’s campuses where certified officials will give a 30-minute hands-only CPR training session, said Hines.

“What better way than to have the students plan an event where we could really impact the community?” said Hines.

Hands-only CPR is a life-saving technique, cre­ated by Dr. Barry Ramo, that does not require certifica­tion, said Hines.

Several instructors have contacted Hines to request the training for their classes, she said.

“We’ve had a wide vari­ety of instructors respond so it’s been across the board,” Hines said, “The more people that know about it the better.”

Hospitality and Tourism major Hongqui Yu said the class goal is to have an audience of 600 people to learn the compression-only CPR method.

“Saving lives: that’s our mission,” Yu said.

Hines said Project Heart Start, which has a partner­ship with CNM, will send Red Cross certified profes­sional trainers for the events.

Hospitality and Tourism major Davelyn Duran said new features have been added to the event this year, including a raffle and a new community outreach portion. The drawing will be held on Nov. 9 for a dinner package at Texas Roadhouse as well as other prizes, she said.

Hospitality and Tourism major Bobbie Huber said the project is also targeting high school students and their families for awareness.

She contacted most of the high schools near CNM’s five campuses, said Huber.

Hospitality and Tourism major Rozlyn Griego said that planning an event takes a lot of organi­zation and dedication.

“I think the hardest part was realizing that you have other people you have to work with and making sure you keep in touch with every­one so that way everyone’s on the same track,” said Griego.

Hines said the class had to find teamwork skills and collaboration skills because event planning is more detailed than some think.

There are still a few spots available for in-class hands-only CPR training, said Hines. For more infor­mation visit

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