Instructor collects 1,600 books for students

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

The goal was to col­lect one novel for every student enrolled in the developmental read­ing program, said Full-time SAGE Instructor Patrick Flink.

Flink wanted to enable students so they could practice reading on material other than home­work, he said.

“Getting a student excited about reading in general is a great foun­dation for continuing that student’s educa­tion,” he said.

Flink, who is col­lecting and handing out the books on his own, hopes to col­lect 2,000 books before the end of the term, he said. So far, 1,600 books have been donated and more are coming in, he said.

“When the whole thing started I was thinking maybe I would get 100 or 200 books, but people really responded,” said Flink.

Sending out one email request for books started something big, he said.

Faculty and staff from Main and Montoya cam­puses, the Workforce Training Center and Admission Services donated, he said.

“Once the email was out, the whole thing just took off. Books were being dropped off and I was asked to pick up books from peoples homes as well as other campuses,” said Flink.

The books were distributed to students enrolled in RDG 750 and RDG 950 classes, he said.

Students were allowed to select from a variety of books including romance, fiction, nonfic­tion, science fiction and history, he said.

“They were not in a situation where we just gave them a book and said ‘Here go read this,’” said Flink.

Students with chil­dren were allowed to select a book for them­selves and a childrens book, he said.

“Having a student read to their child will not only allow the student to prac­tice reading, but also get a future generation excited about reading,” said Flink.

Melinda Petty, who received a book from the program, said she thought it was a wonderful thing to do for students.

“I think it’s a good idea since a lot of students cannot afford to go buy books for their own plea­sure or even for their kids,” said Petty.

Flink said that stu­dents who received the books appreciated the opportunity.

Flink said that the project was a great success but it would have been nothing without the assis­tance of all the people who donated, he said.

“Thank you very much, to all the people who donated, from myself and all the stu­dents who have received books and I will still accept donations if people are still willing to give,” said Flink.

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