Registration program to assist in return of lost, stolen bikes

By Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter

The new bike reg­istration program on campus is a free and easy process that could assist security in returning stolen or lost bikes, said Security Lieutenant Bernard Rogers.

Registering a bike will give security detailed information such as brand, model, color, wheel size, value, and type of bike which allows officers a better opportunity to search for and locate a missing bike, he said.

To register a bike, owners must complete a simple registration form, he said.

“We are happy and proud to register any student, faculty or staff member that has a bike because the main goal is to try and prevent bikes from being stolen at all,” said Rogers.

Once a registra­tion form is com­pleted, owners can bring the form and their school IDs to the Main campus security office for a registra­tion sticker that should be placed on the bike somewhere that is not easily seen by a poten­tial thief, he said.

The very adhesive stickers include the CNM Security phone

 number, so if some­one finds a stolen or lost bike security can be contacted quickly, said Rogers.

“With a registra­tion sticker, we can easily identify who a bike belongs to and access their contact information which simplifies the return process,” said Rogers.

In the past, secu­rity had no way of verifying if a found bike belonged to a student, staff or fac­ulty member and returning the bike to someone trying to claim it was a difficult process, he said.

The registration form also requests information on what type of lock an indi­vidual is using for the bike, he said.

“We will be using the lock information to give people advice on the locks they are using and let them know if they should invest in a better one because some just don’t work and some thieves just stay away from alto­gether,” said Rogers.

The program is a tool that can be used to locate a stolen bike, but by no means is it a guarantee that a bike will never be stolen, he said.

“Security wants to be more proactive then reactive because there is no way we can be everywhere at once, but we do want to get the bikes back to the people that spent their hard earned money on them because that could be their only means of transporta­tion,” said Rogers.

Bicycle registration forms are located at cnm. edu/depts/security.

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