Editorial: Congratulations to the All State recipients

By The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

  We are very happy to see a boost in numbers for the All Statescholarship. Six students applied for and received the All USA scholarship, as mentioned in this week’s front page article “The CNM six.”

In 2012, only one student applied for the award, even though the school can nominate up to 10 students.

Tuition at many four year institutions in New Mexico is very expensive, and students should take any opportunities for money toward furthering their education.

The All State scholarship is an excel­lent choice because it offers such a high reward and is rewarded based on com­munity involvement, something every student to be doing.

To the six students who received the scholarship: Great job.

To other students reading this edito­rial: We cannot wait to publish your name as a recipient for next year’s scholarship.

We hope to see all 10 spots filled for next year’s scholarship.

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