Who’s running this place?

By: Daniel Johnson, Investigative Reporter | Photos By: Daniel Johnson

Alpha Upsilon Chi’s new officer team

(left to right) President: Tracy LaForteza, Secretary: Darlene Campbell and Vice President of Scholarship: Vice President of Fellowship: Public Relations Officer: Gabriel Roybal.
(left to right) President: Tracy LaForteza, Secretary: Darlene Campbell and Vice President of Scholarship: Vice President of Fellowship: Public Relations Officer: Gabriel Roybal.

The Alpha Upsilon Chi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has a new officer team to lead the organi­zation, Levi Turner, cur­rent chapter president and Biochemistry major, said.

The new officers will begin their duties on April 20, 2013 at the new member induction ceremony.

Office Technology major Tracy LaForteza was elected to the officer position of president.

Her main goal for the organization is to get the chapter the local, regional and national recognition she feels it deserves, she said.

She wants to use and share her experience with all members of the chapter to allow them to have an opportunity to grow in the knowledge of what it really means to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa, she said.

“I want to inspire all members to get active in community service events and allow our organization to gain national recog­nition while building a bigger, better chapter for all our members,” said LaForteza.

Getting members to be more proactive with fundraisers is a way to recruit new members, which is also one of her goals, she said.

She also wants to set up a fundraising plan that will allow new member­ship fees to be less of a burden to a person who may have interest in join­ing the chapter, she said

“I want to lead by example and be as active as I possibly can so mem­bers can see that the pres­ident is dedicated to the chapter, so they should be too,” said LaForteza.

Political Science and Biotechnology major Darlene Campbell was elected secretary.

She is going to work hard at keeping clear records of all chapter meetings and provide all information that is needed to current and future members, she said.

“I hope to work with our new president to make membership more attainable to people that wish to join the chapter and use all the experi­ence and resources I have to keep records clear and organized,” she said.

Business major Brendan Miller was elected treasurer. He will apply the math and organizational skills he has to keep the financial records of the chapter in order while trying to increase membership numbers while working hand in hand with his fellow officers to better the chapter, he said.

“I plan to keep a close eye on the funds avail­able and communicate to the president when fund raisers may be needed to raise the amount of funds that are available,” he said.

Paralegal Studies major Gabriel Roybal was elected public rela­tions officer, vice presi­dent of scholarship and vice president of fellow­ship and will choose which position he will fill later this week.

As public relations officer, he will try to get membership numbers up while raising the amount of participation from cur­rent members, he said.

He is going to use his experience and educa­tion to establish a clearer picture of the chapter so people can see how the organization really is involved in the commu­nity and school, he said.

“I believe that I can build relationships with students, staff, faculty and other student orga­nizations while putting a positive light on Phi Theta Kappa,” he said.

As vice president of scholarship, he will try to get members to realize that good grades are not just a goal but a true ben­efit to all members and students, he said.

It is difficult to try to get people to change their ways, but this organiza­tion should be able to push for the student body to raise their grades and use the chapter as example of what all students should strive to be, he said.

As vice president of fellowship, he will try to let students know that even if they are not chap­ter members they are still free to serve their community by helping Phi Theta Kappa with any community service projects as a way to give back, he said.

“I also would like to get more information about the events that are planned out to the stu­dent body as a way to build on event participa­tion.” said Roybal.

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