Turtles Day in the Sun

Story, Photos and Video by

Mark Graven

Wildlife Correspondent

Ducks usually get top billing when it comes to news from the UNM Duck Pond, after all the pond is named for them.

But it is midway through June, and the hot days of summer are upon us.  Most of the hundreds of ducks that occupy the pond at the center of UNM’s campus are gone for vacation in the northern climes.  

The turtles are going nowhere fast, but are happy together on the rocks of the pond, which serve as podiums where they can bask in the glory of the New Mexican sunlight.  

The turtles take advantage of a large grouping of rocks at the west end of the pond to put their sunbathing talents on display.  But they also use a small grouping of rocks near the fountain at the east end of the pond.   

Occasionally, the turtles will go for dip in the water.  With the fountain and a waterfall near the southwest corner of the pond, the turtles have a stunning aquatic environment.  The turtles seem to enjoy swimming to cool down:  sun bathing can be tough work!
Now, please kick back and enjoy our photo display of the turtles today.

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