CNM Remembers: David Twomey

By Jamison Wagner, Staff Reporter

David Twomey, the Associate Director for Enrollment Services, passed away Sunday, March 31, 2013 after he collapsed while walking his dog. He was 52.

The CNM Chronicle spoke with those who knew Twomey about his life and the loss to the community.

Twomey worked at CNM for 10 years. He was very thorough at his job, worked things to a ‘T’ and had a sense of humor and was a very nice guy, Linda Garcia, adminis­trative coordinator for Enrollment Services, said.

“He touched every­one’s life just by taking the time to talk to you about your day, or say a little joke and that’s what I will miss about him. He made my day so much better and now that he’s gone, things are sad,” she said.

Yvonne Martinez, associate registrar for Enrollment Services, said Twomey was a very smart man, and a great asset to the CNM community. He was student-centered, and was vital in making the she said. admissions process easier,

“He was very good with technology and had a lot of good ideas,” she said.

Latoya Turner, the Enrollment Services coordinator for the Rio Rancho campus, said in May 2008, Twomey rushed her to the hospital from Main campus when she went into labor with her third child.

“He was really con­cerned and, when we arrived at Lovelace Women’s Hospital, he jumped out and insisted I have a wheel­chair even though I was okay,” she said.

Twomey was one of the most encour­aging supervisors in Admissions Services, said Turner.

“David would always take the time to help cheer up someone if they were having a bad day. He would take the time to joke around with them and make them really feel like they were part of the team,” she said.

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