Shooting Club: Allow student to carry

By Shaya Rogers, Features Reporter

 The CNM Shooting Club believes that carry­ing firearms should be legal on campus, Mitchell Jackson, CNM Shooting Club president, said.

Illegal weapons are brought on campus, and the issue has not been addressed, he said.

“The law-abiding, licensed individuals that could make a difference in the event of a school shooting are following the law. We know they don’t have a weapon, but there are weapons at the school,” he said.

To protest the ban of firearms on campus, the shooting club is hold­ing an Empty Holster Protest, which began on April 8 and runs through April 12, Jackson said.

The protest is designed to inspire thought among students and staff about allowing licensed owners to carry on campus, he said.

No firearms will be brought on campus for the protest, but those par­ticipating will be wearing empty holsters.

“We just wear it around campus, if we’re asked about it then we’ll explain our position, but we’re not trying to cause a lot of trouble. We won’t get together; we won’t march on the administra­tion’s office,” he said.

The protest is a nation­wide event, sponsored by the grassroots group Students for Conceal Carry. CNM is the only participating school in New Mexico, he said.

“It’s a national pro­test to demonstrate our disagreement with school policies that pre­vent legally licensed indi­viduals from carrying campus’,” he said. handguns on school

Anyone can join in the protest. It is not something that is exclusive to the Shooting Club and the more support, the better, he said.

“You don’t have to be organized with the group. You don’t have to be involved with Students for Conceal Carry on campus,” he said.

There are students on campus who believe in the right to con­ceal carry at school, but have never gotten involved and this creates that opportu­nity, he said.

“If you believe that the rights of individu­als who are licensed to carry weapons are being infringed by the school policy, which obviously they are, but if you believe that is inappropriate then you are encouraged to participate in the pro­test,” he said.

The point of the protest is to open a dialogue about guns on campus that takes a strategic aim since guns have a negative reputation in our soci­ety, he said.

“I hope that stu­dents will be encour­aged to at least think about the fact that there are guns on this campus, at least think about the realities of if something happens, do they really want to wait for police?” he said.

The school should not be able to choose the way in which students are allowed to protect themselves while on campus, he said.

“We don’t get to choose when violence happens or where vio­lence happens, and as much as our good wishes would want to prevent a shooter on campus, that doesn’t actually do anything,” he said.

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