Tutors available for nearly every subject

By: Jamison Wagner, Staff Reporter

The tutoring service at the Student Resource Center gives students the opportunity to get help with various sub­jects, and Liberal Arts major Rudy Sanchez said he makes use of those services often. The Assistance Center for Education at Main campus is located on the top floor of the SRC. The locations of the tutoring centers at other campuses can be found at cnm.edu.

“I was here at the tutor­ing center for six to seven hours last time. If it was not for the tutoring center I would not be where I am at now,” said Sanchez.

Steve Valdez, Youth Counseling major, said the staff at the tutoring center has been very helpful to him and he plans to come back more as he continues his studies.

“I just started coming back to school so the tutoring center is going to be a big help for me. I am glad the center is here,” said Valdez.

Rhett Zyla, Chemistry tutor, said the tutoring center is a good resource for students as it offers free tutoring and they can get most of their questions answered by a tutor on staff.

“A student can come between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and get tutored on most of the subjects they need help with,” Zyla said.

Don McIver, Learning Center supervisor said the Assistance Centers for Education are at every campus and the resources are a bit different depending on what classes are available at each campus.

Some of the subjects on which ACE offers tutoring are: Writing, Adult Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and IT 1010, said McIver.

“We also have drop-in tutoring, tutoring by appointment, work­shops, study groups and computer labs for student use,” McIver said. At the Business Resource Center in Smith-Brasher Hall, tutoring is offered for Accounting, he said. Culinary Arts tutoring is offered at Smith-Brasher Hall at Main campus next to the Culinary Lab and the Applied Math tutor is located in the commons area at Ted Chavez Hall, he said.

“There are variations between campuses for the times that certain tutors are available. It is a staffing and business issue. Rio Rancho and South Valley are more limited compared to Main campus,” he said.

It is recommended that students call ahead before going to the tutoring cen­ters to make sure they will be able to receive assistance with their studies, he said.

Students can also visit the CNM website to learn more about what tutoring services are available and also check for open computers at differ­ent locations, he said.

“If you go to Lab Maps, it will show you all the computers ACE manages and if you click on it you can see what computers are open. If you are wor­ried about computer avail­ability you can click on the map and see if there are open computers,” he said.

“If a student is wor­ried about getting help with a subject they can call the front desk to check on the schedule to see if and when particu­lar tutors are there when they need them,” he said. For more information on what services are available at each tutoring center on CNM’s campuses and the contact information for the ACE centers, visit: cnm. edu/depts/tutoring.

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