Letter To Editor, Concerned Student

Dear CNM Chronicle,

I was wondering if you guys can do an issue on math. Why is it that no matter what a person is taking, they always have to take math? I do think that basic math is good to know. I have never been good at math, but I am good in a lot of other things. My major is Digital Media. I’ve talked to several people in the field and they said they never use math, ever. So why do we need to take so much math when it has nothing to do with our major? I have been told that it helps people think deeper, how does that help if it causes a person to drop out of col­lege? I’ve also heard, if they didn’t force it on a person, the math classes would be empty. That is not my concern. I’ve also been told that it will help a person out in life. I graduated high school thirty years ago. I have never needed Algebra outside of school. I have asked several people and no one can give me a straight answer.

I have a friend who is taking cosmetology; she is taking Math 750 for the second time. She told me she has to take math up to Algebra 1210. Why would she need to know Algebra for the field she is going in?? I was hoping you guys can find answers and maybe even ask students around campus what they think of my question. I also know several people that dropped out of college because of math. I see no reason for this. They may have been in a great career by now. I am worried that I might fail out due to some­thing that is irrelevant to my field. I don’t think that is fair.

Thank you,


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