Underage children no longer allowed in the SRC computer labs

1-3By Jamison Wagner, Staff Reporter | Photo By Jamison Wagner

Nursing major Cynthia Corona said she had no difficul­ties from the staff of the Student Resource Center at Main campus when she had her son Aidan with her in the computer center, but other stu­dents have had differ­ent experiences.

Corona said she had been using the computers on Friday July 12 with her son, age four sitting next to her for about an hour but none of the staff said anything. However the SRC has signs posted in the tutoring and computer center that states chil­dren are not allowed in that part of the build­ing unless their parent is meeting with an Achievement Coach.

“Aidan was quiet and none of the staff told me anything. This was my first time in the com­puter center with Aidan and I did not even know the sign was there,” she said.

If she was not able to bring her son with her in the future it could be a prob­lem as her Health I n f o r m a t i o n T e c h n o l o g y class homework requires that she make use of the software that is avail­able at the SRC, but not available at home, Corona said.

Integrated Studies graduate James Roach said that he has had problems in the past with having his sons with him for even a short amount of time in the computer center at the SRC. He said An employee that was not wearing a name badge came up when he dropped in to print a document and told him he had to leave even though his sons were being quiet.

“This happened on April 26 (2013), where this guy would not identify himself as an employee and would not stop being rude to me in front of my kids. He then called secu­rity after I told him to shut up as he would not stop being rude, even as I was leaving with my kids,” he said.

Three security guards showed up after he and his sons moved from the computer center to the library side of the SRC where children are allowed, he said.

Roach said that at the time of the inci­dent there were no signs that stated chil­dren were not allowed in the computer center and that he specifically asked one of the secu­rity guards if there was a policy prohib­iting children from being in the computer center and the guard said no.

“If there is no sign saying children are not allowed, you do not have the right to tell someone to leave. It is like saying, ‘sorry you cannot listen to music with head­phones because we do not allow that in here and do not have a sign to tell you about that’,” he said.

Cesar Silva, Engineering major and former president for the Executive Council of Students said that he took his 11-year old son to the SRC with him about a year ago when he needed tutoring for one of his classes, and he was told that his son was not allowed to be with him because he was under the specific age range.

“I utilize the SRC a lot as the tutors there have helped me to get to the point where I am now, and it has been hard to try to utilize the tutors and have some childcare,” he said.

Silva said he under­stands that some chil­dren may be a little young and may not be able to be quiet for other students that are study­ing but if there was a policy that said “As long as you keep your child quiet and under control” then there should not be a problem.

“It is sad because everyone knows that CNM serves older stu­dents that have chil­dren and it conflicts with CNM’s goal of providing the best edu­cation, the best oppor­tunity for students to succeed,” he said.

Brad Moore Director of Communications and Marketing Relations said that he was not aware of the SRC having rules about children other than the basic policies laid out in the Student Code of Conduct and the Employee handbook.

The Student Code of Conduct as laid out on the CNM website says, “Children (or other non-students) are not allowed to accompany adults to class or lab. All children who are under age 15 and are on CNM’s campus, must be accompanied by an adult at all times,” under Rules Governing Classrooms/Labs.

The Employee handbook states the following, “CNM is a public institution for adults and has an obli­gation to its students to maintain an atmo­sphere conducive to learning at all times. Therefore, the fol­lowing policies shall govern children on campus: 1) Children under the age of 15 must be accompa­nied by an adult at all times while on CNM property, 2) Children under the age of 15 may not be left unsu­pervised anywhere on CNM property, 3) Children may not accompany a parent or other adult to any class or lab, 4) Children left unattended on CNM property will be brought to the atten­tion of the appropriate enforcement agency, and 5) Children on CNM property under adult supervision are expected to behave in a manner that is not disturbing to other CNM patrons.”

SRC supervisors could not be reached for comment at the time of this article.

To contact SRC about where it is okay to have children in the building, call 224-3285 for more information.

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