Don’t stress, it’s almost over

Editorial, By the Chronicle Editorial Board

During times such as this when the semester is ending, students tend to get stressed and freaked out because of finals.

No one really ever wants to take tests or have their education measured by a final semester evaluation, but unfortunately that is the world we live in, so one is forced to go through the motions to hopefully pass a class, but that does not mean students should be required to neglect themselves just to get a better grade.

It is crucial for students to be vigilant of their needs first before studying, because many students become fatigued and panicky while trying their best to study up for demanding finals.

Make sure to get fluids, eat every once in a while, take breaks, and above all else, make sure to take care of oneself before caring about infuriating tests.

Sometimes it is just not worth all the stress students put themselves through sometimes at the end of every semester, just to have a mar­ginally better grade at best.

All of us have our per­sonal lives where kids, work, and daily stresses of life already take most of us to the tipping point, so if a stu­dent happens to fail a final, it is okay, because there is always next semester to re-take a class or get a tutor next time so it is not so stressful to learn in classes.

Know that most stu­dents on campus are going through the same exact thing of attempting to pass finals successfully, and know that everyone who has ever gone to college has gone through the same things and actually made it out alive.

You can do this; just make sure to take care of yourself as well in the process.

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