Virtual Graduation: A Success, Learning Experience For All Involved

by Enjoly Gutierrez

Staff Reporter 

CNM conducted its first-ever on-line virtual graduation on May 2nd, said Dean of Students, Christopher Cavazos, 

There were 611 students that registered for CNM virtual graduation that consisted of 5 videos that students would click through with different speakers including Vice President of Student Services Eugene Padilla, President of ECOS Angel Garcia and CNM President Tracy Hartzler, he said.

Below the video there was a presentation of the names of students that had graduated that could be clicked through, he said.

“I think it went well despite the fact that we had little time to put everything together,” Cavazos said.

General Business Certificate Graduate, Downa Preston, said, The presentation would have been a lot easier to go through if it had all be in alphabetical order instead of separate sections of an alphabetical list.

“I think it went okay the only problem was they should have had the videos labeled better because we ended up skipping to the very end before they read all the names or before all the names were read out so that was a little confusing,” she said.

Cavasos said, he would have liked more coordination when recording the videos for virtual graduation.

CNM had to find a vendor to help create the virtual graduation program that would allow this process to take place, he said. 

Although ideally in person graduations would resume soon, Cavazos indicated that he would do this type of graduation again if needed.

Preston said, that she thinks that they should continue virtual graduation alongside in-person graduation because it could be helpful in the situation that the country is currently in with the whole COVID-19 but it can also help when students are across the country or have family scattered across the country and they are unable to attend a traditional graduation.

“I had not planned to attend graduation but due to it being offered online I went ahead and did it since I didn’t have to buy the cap and gown,” she said.

Cavasos said that by Monday, May 18th there were over 2373 views of the CNM virtual graduation and if anyone wants to view it, they can see it here.

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