Farewell forever to spring break

It is so invigorating to be able to take a week long break during the spring semester to come back refreshed and ready to finish up the last weeks at school, but unfortunately this last spring break that passed will be the very last one ever, at least for CNM students.

Spring break has been a pastime since the Greeks and Romans started celebrating a sort of spring ritual, and has been a fad since the 1930s in America, according to content. time.com.

Not all students use the break for decedent debauchery or to have a good time, and for most, the break is a much needed rest for those that have hefty sched­ules and busy lives to lead.

According to President Winograd’s Blog, starting in January the idea of losing spring break all together was addressed, and was to be addressed by stu­dents and staff in a survey.

According to the Media and Communications Office as of Feb 14, “There will no longer be a spring break at CNM.”

It does not seem that this break survey was sent to all stu­dents, nor was the issue brought up through MCO until the decision had already been made to ditch the term break.

We all rely on the break for a much needed rest from the semester, and it might just be beneficial to students to just pass it right on by, but will hopefully not affect students to the point of burning them out and making their GPA’s or grades suffer for just a little less of a spring semester.

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