New transfer options for CNM students

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter

CNM will be partnering with Western New Mexico University to offer online bachelor degree programs for its students that are seeking to continue their education at a four year institution, said Roberto Vasquez of Academic Affairs at CNM.

Beginning fall of 2015 CNM students will be able to transfer some of their associate’s degrees from CNM to Western New Mexico University to continue their education and obtain their bachelor’s degree in certain fields, he said.

“They are building this bridge that is just going to streamline the ability to transfer,” said Vasquez.

In all there will be at least ten programs offered through distance education with WNMU and CNM will be announcing all the names of the programs at a later date this summer, Vasquez said.

Some of the online programs that will be offered through WNMU will include Interdisciplinary Studies, Criminal Justice and Social Work, he said.

The approved associate programs will transfer directly over into one of the adjoining online bachelor’s programs at WNMU, said Vasquez.

Some students worry that certain classes may not transfer over to another four year institution and when a class does not transfer that student is faced with taking a similar course over, which can take away from the amount of time it takes a student to graduate, he said.

The partnership with WNMU will help ease those concerns, he said.

Western New Mexico University is also locking their tuition rates for their students, Vasquez said.

What this means is that CNM students who transfer to WNMU can keep the same tuition rates that WNMU offers from the beginning of their program to the end of their program, he said.

This is something that students should be aware of if they are planning on transferring to one of WNMU’s online programs, he said.

There are a few exceptions and guidelines in regards to the locked tuition rates but CNM will have more information available for its students on this as they finalize everything with WNMU, he said.

CNM is also in the process of building a transfer website from the ground up, he said.

What this means is that once the website is up, students will be able to access more information on CNM’s partnership with WNMU and many other universities, Vasquez said.

Students will be able to view the universities that CNM is currently partnering with and what associate programs at CNM will transfer to those universities, he said.

To make the stress of transferring to a new institution easier for students, CNM hopes to have someone from Western New Mexico University available at the CNM campus, he said.

CNM is hoping to have the advisor from WNMU at the CNM campus at least twice a month in order to answer any questions that may arise regarding WNMU, he said.

They will also be available to answer any questions students may have about transferring into one of their programs, Vasquez said.

“CNM is moving in a neat direction as far as transfer,” Vasquez said.

The new transfer website will be accessible through CNM’s web page as soon as they finalize everything and are able to launch the newly developed website, he said.

In the meantime if there are any questions about transferring to WNMU regarding the tuition rates, appointments can be scheduled with academic advisors, Vasquez said.

To schedule an appointment with one of CNM’s academic advisors on Main Campus call 505-224-4355.

The hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. according to the CNM website.

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