CNM offers fully-online Liberal Arts degree

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter

CNM has a new and streamlined online liberal arts program, said Program Coordinator Lissa Knudsen.

The program is completely online and students never even have to step foot on campus, Knudsen said.

In sixteen months students can have their associates’ degree in liberal arts, Knudsen said.

The entire program is laid out in advance so students do not have the normal hassles of registration and scheduling, Knudsen said.

The program is ideal for students with 9 or less credits completed in liberal arts and who want guaranteed online classes, Knudsen said.

All of the coursework is integrated which means that the classes support each other, she said.

So in some cases students could have one comprehensive assignment and have it evaluated for three different grades, Knudsen said.

“It’s super efficient, it’s real world, and it’s inexpensive,” Knudsen said.

The program is set up into seven blocks with each block containing three classes, Knudsen said.

The classes in each of the blocks are integrated and must be taken in order, she said.

Students who are interested in signing up for the program still have time, she said.

Interested students can call 505-224-4321 or send an email to

If students miss block two they are still able to register for block 3 and that block starts January 19 2016 and goes through March 5 2016, Knudsen said.

Students who join the program during the 3rd block will be allowed to take blocks 1 and 2 at the end of the program, Knudsen said.

Students can use financial aid to pay for the degree.

Students can fill out a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and contact a financial aid advisor.

There are multiple people involved to help the students succeed online, she said.

An entire team of instructors, academic advisors, and achievement coaches are dedicated to helping students succeed in the online setting, Knudsen said.

“They care and they are technologically savvy,” Knudsen said.

CNM also has a partnership set up with Western New Mexico University so that students can transfer the liberal arts degree directly over to their university to begin work on an online bachelor’s degree, Knudsen said.

The partnership helps the transfer to a four year institution go a little more smoothly because students do not have to worry whether or not their credits will transfer, she said.

The remaining 2015-2016 block schedule is as follows:

Block 2: October 26-December 12, 2015

Block 3: January 19-March 5, 2016

Block 4: March 14-April 30, 2016

Block 5: May 16-July 2, 2016

Block 6: August 29-October 15, 2016

Block 7: October 24-December 10, 2016

For more information about the liberal arts program please call 505-224-4321.

Students can also apply online at

For more information visit:

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