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Finals week no more

By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter Finals week has been where all instructors would present the finals that students must take. The change of this policy has had some effects on a few students, state the students of CNM. No longer having a finals week might harm students in a […]

Water in the Desert

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter Water in the Desert is a project designed to raise awareness of water resource issues, said Sandra Rourke, English professor at CNM. The Water In the Desert Project is a term-long, campus-wide, hands-on learning project centered on western water issues. The project consists of […]

Recycling Made Easy

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter Single-stream recycling has made its way to CNM and is a way to streamline the recycling process so that all recyclable materials can be placed into the same bin, according to CNM. This means that only one recycling bin is needed, instead of multiple […]

CNM’s Fall Fesival

By Stephanie Stuckey Staff Reporter CNM’s first fall festival was held at three different CNM campuses: Main, Montoya, and the Westside from October 26-28. Student events and program manager Libby Fatta said that the festival was made possible through the efforts of the Engagement Task Team which is […]