By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

The Career Enrichment Center is a school where students are able to gain college credit and experience the college atmosphere while attending high school, said Carlos Corona, Phlebotomy major.

The teachers are better at their jobs than what is often found at a conventional public school  when it comes to the way they teach, he said.

“I like my high school very much, I find it very useful to take college classes while in high school,” he said.

The teachers are also much better at explaining important details to students than at conventional public schools, he said.

Having a small class can also contribute to this process since the teachers get more of a one-on-one experience with each student, he said.

The CNM CEC offers students access to achievement coaches that can help them handle their classes, Corona said.

“What makes this school better than the other high schools is that we get to schedule our classes to our liking just like we were only going to college,” he said.

What made it very convenient was that the registration process is very similar to that of a regular high school, he said.

“With taking some college classes it is possible to skip classes in high school, for example right now I am excited to be taking algebra two and math 1310,” he said.

Depending on how many college classes a student is taking, this will make the schedules and homework different, he said.

Being around college students -does not really affect how people at this school behave but people do seem to be more mature, Corona said.

“Another thing that makes this high school so great is that you are treated with more respect and counselors trust you if you meet the requirements for a high school course,” he said.

“The only thing you could count as a special perk would be getting our associates faster which is kind of the goal for the school and usually college students pay for their textbooks but we get ours for free,” he said.


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