Students Respond to Cuts, Scrapes, & Bruises


By Whitney Browneller, Staff Reporter

CNM students in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program respond to the article “Cuts, Scrapes, & Bruises”, which addresses CNM President, Dr. Katharine W. Winograd’s plan to handle upcoming budget cuts.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Academic Transfer courses will go from $50 per credit hour to $51 per credit hour, and Career Technical Education along with Developmental Education courses for in-district residents will raise from $18 per credit hour to $25.50.

When asked how she felt about the budget cuts, CNM Diagnostic Medical Sonography student, Jenny Koyama stated, “the South Valley campus is in need of dire improvements and is currently undergoing construction which will reduce the number of classrooms and also bring the building up to date.”

She proposed that instead of spending such a large amount of money modernizing the South Valley campus, move the classes to more utilized campuses and close the South Valley campus.

Koyama also said the she understands the schools desire to have a presence in the South Valley but spoke on the idea of potentially using the funds on advertising alternative transportation for students to other campuses from the South Valley.

She also agreed that the tuition rate of $25.50 per credit for specific courses is extremely low in comparison to other colleges in the nation and that increasing the tuition rate will bring more funds for the college.

Melanie Lovato, a CNM Diagnostic Medical Sonography student, said that she thinks that raising the tuition is reasonable and also thinks that CNM could charge a small fee for general parking permits to help with the budget.

The Albuquerque Journal noted that President Winograd stated that CNM will hold a local bond election early next year and wrote that unless and until voters approve the added funding needed for capital projects, the eight master plan projects will remain in uncertainty.

The eight projects listed were the following:

  • Phase two renovation of the J Building.
  • Wayfinding improvements on several CNM campuses.
  • A broadcast and display system.
  • Renovation of the E Building.
  • Grading and drainage improvements at Trades, Max Salazar Hall, and the Student Services Center.
  • CNM Connect technology.
  • Retro-Commissioning – HVAC of Max Salazar Hall, Smith Brasher Hall, the Student Services Center, the Workforce Training Center, K Building and J Building.
  • Building information modeling for all campuses.

For more information about the budget cuts please visit the CNM home webpage at or call 505-224-3000.


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