Never Too Young To Go Big

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By Hilary Broman, Staff Reporter
Iris Delval is a 16-year-old psychology major at CNM who is also an artist, a singer, a baker and a writer.
She had always been interested in psychology but it was her Intro to Psychology teacher who inspired her to change her major from medical lab technician to psychology, she said.
“She loves her job. It’s incredible how she talks so passionately about her work,” she explained.
Delval’s goal is to specialize in clinical psychology, she said.
Delval is half way through the psychology program at CNM and she will receive her associates degree by the time she is 17 years old, she stated.
“A lot of people think I am in the dual enrollment program,” Delval said, “but I graduated high school when I was 15.”
Delval went to a charter school when she was younger, she skipped ninth grade and then finished up her diploma at an online school, she explained.
“It’s different being in college, I never really had the high school experience in a classroom setting,” she said.
Although Delval is busy with school she also takes time to focus on her creative outlets, she stated.
“I love to bake!” expressed Delval, “I’ve been baking ever since I was young.”
Delval bakes for events for family and friends, she said.
“I’ve never made a wedding cake but I recently made cannoli for my brother’s wedding,” she explained.
Her specialty is cheesecake, she said.
She has made cheesecakes for a couple of her classes and said that she hopes to open her own bakery one day.
Delval also enjoys drawing and she believes that art will help her in her career as a clinical psychologist, she explained.
“I think that art is a stress relieving activity,” she said.
She thinks that art will be a good tool to use to help her future clients relive stress, she explained.
Her artistic inspirations come from abstract and surrealist art, she said.
Delval specializes in pencil and sharpie drawings, she said.
“I am taking an art class next term! I am excited because I’ve never taken an art class before,” she said.
Delval stated that her parents are extremely supportive in all her professional and creative endeavors.
She also enjoys singing as a hobby, she said.
“My dad wanted me to try out for The Voice,” she said, “but I prefer to sing just for the love of it.”
Delval realizes the importance of making time for creativity to blossom while pursuing an education, she said.
“I’m also writing a sci-fi book!” Delval explained excitedly, “I’ve been working on it for about a year!”
When Delval finishes her degree she hopes to move to Pennsylvania for a change of atmosphere, she said.
“It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and it rains a lot there. I love the rain,” she said.
For now, Delval is concentrating on finishing her associates degree at CNM and enjoying her creative outlets, she said.
To check out Delval’s art and contact her to bake for events follow her on Instagram at the_lovely_iris_

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