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Photos and story by Wade Faast

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Albuquerque artist Cody Saint Arnold sits shares his recent work and history with the CNM Chronicle.


Albuquerque artist Cody Saint Arnold is wrapping up his first CNM art show at the Library on main campus, his art can still be found around town.

In addition to his frequent shows around the city and state, Cody has a regular booth at the Rail Yards market and offers many of his designs for sale on his website he said.

Cody’s artwork includes influences from his traditional Native American heritage and the skate rock culture he so enjoys, Cody said.

Utilizing modern technology, screen printing artist Cody Saint Arnold works on a new print.

Cody’s top selling print is a print showing the rail yards and a vintage train locomotive with the line “Your Heart Lies Southwest” he said

“It seems to speak to people, they really like it in teal” he said.

Cody offers over 60 different original prints on multiple mediums including traditional paper prints, t-shirts, posters and cards, he said.

“Art should be affordable” Cody said.

Prices for prints start at $10 and go up to around $100, he said.

Growing up Cody said his family had great artistic traditions, his father was rooted in science as a doctor but every night after dinner was eaten and homework completed they would sit down as a family and draw, sketch, and paint.

Cody went to the University of Colorado Boulder, originally for a non-arts degree, in 2010 he enrolled in a screen printing class and he found his calling, he said.

As soon as his show at CNM wraps he will be working on upcoming shows including the UNM holiday market on October 29, Cody said.

This past May Cody made the transition to being a full time artist with his entire income coming from the sales of his art work, he said.

Now that Cody is working full time on his art he plans to branch out and offer original paintings as well as his prints, Cody said.

Most of his prints take 3-5 weeks from conceptualization to a finished product, he said.

His methods have changed over the years, today he creates most of his original designs on his tablet then transfers the negative image to a silk screen for the printing, he said.

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Artist Cody Saint Arnold manages to live in the same space he uses for creating his art.



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